Please read this urgent message relating to your recent purchase from "MyHiSilky"

MyHisilky is NOT in any way affiliated with us at Hisilky. The real shaving product and company name is HiSilky and the only associated domain is “hisilky.com” and the only social media handles used our @hairerasertool for Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Here are some signs that you’ve been scammed by MyHisilky:

  • You never received your confirmation email.
  • The email address that sent you your confirmation is NOT “@hisilky.com”
  • The domain names you purchased from are myhisilky.com and myhisilky-official.com
  • Their usernames on social media have “official.myhisilky” (they have since hidden all social media)
  • You were referred to a website by an influencer in recent months.
  • You haven’t received your order yet.
  • The website you ordered from is no longer available.
  • Your statement references Montreal, Canada.

Here are the following steps we have taken to remedy the situation with regard to the fraud that has been committed by MyHiSilky.

  • We reported the website, and its social media to the appropriate agencies and taken down. There are reports that they've changed their account on the Shopify app to "Smoovy". Please be careful, they may be copying other stores.
  • Our team has been working around the clock, including the owner from December 23rd, to remedy the situation for all of you that have been scammed. Starting today we have hired additional team members to adequately help everyone who has been scammed on all platforms.
  • HiSilky has created a special 25% OFF discount coupon code for any customer who has been negatively impacted by the scamming that has taken place. (SorrySilky25).
  • We changed our website layout & branding to differentiate from the cloned website and our legitimate website and have established a team in place to monitor any attempts at cloning our website.

Because you were scammed by myhisilky you will need to request a charge back from your bank or credit card you used to make your original purchase. Please connect to the link below and follow the guidelines to get your funds back.

How to Dispute a Charge: Everything You Should Know

Although this issue isn’t our fault, HiSilky and team are now offering a 25% OFF Discount with code “SorrySilky25.” This coupon code is available for 4 weeks. If you haven’t been able to receive a chargeback or it has been declined. Please contact us immediately through our live chat system to work something out.

Please contact us via live chat on hisilky.com if you have any questions or concerns. Happy New Year everyone. Much love and appreciated patience while we work together to resolve this issue.